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Khaled Mahmood
I would behave with him as a friend even if he happens to be my enemy but speaks of democracy and human rights. Moreover, I would fall in with him in the voyage of democracy and humanity by agreeing to his demand. This should be the normal quality of a man. But in the Bangladesh politics as a conscious and considerate man I can never agree to the demands of so-called democracy and human rights of Jamaat-BNP and their supporters and followers.
I discard the anti liberation leadership of Jamaat-BNP with hatred. No parallel unison of independent sovereign Bengali national entity, history, literature, culture, heritage, national flag, territory, national anthem and of the like can be found. Jamaat-BNP has no minimum capability to rear and protect the independence of the country, national thought, Bengali history of thousand years and the success of the independent Bangladesh from 1971.
The history of pre-independence period and 44 years of post independence episodes provides testimony that Jammat-E-Islami leadership and Ziaur Rahman who usurped the state power, created BNP and his successor Begum Khaleda Zia including her son Tareque Rahman and all followers of them have lost the moral right to practice politics in Bangladesh because during the tenure of Khaleda (2001-2006) she made Jamaat leaders Matiur Rahman Nizami and Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid Ministers of her Cabinet. Civilization and barbarism cannot go together. Jamaat-Muslim League is the hated enemy of the history. General Ziaur Rahman is the descendent of this party’s ideals. Zia is the black sheep of an independent country named Bangladesh. He is the most hated wicked person of the history. Actor of thousands of sins he is an anti state traitor; during his illegal rule Zia adroitly razed to the ground all the achievements and value judgments. Communalism and religious fundamentalism rose at the hands of Zia. He rehabilitated the anti-liberation forces on state initiative. Zia is the key actor of killing the father of the nation and founder of independent Bangladesh Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with family members in his residence and the national four leaders in jail captivity. Zia is one of the 100 criminals in the circumference of the earth. The world history would one day prove this truth.
The spiritual descendent of Zia, Khaleda Zia and Tareque Rahman (Tareque Zia) are the followers of the evil ideals of killer Zia. Following the path of Zia, his spouse Khaleda and her qualified son Tareque have been stigmatizing for long the politics, economics, nationalism, education, culture, history, heritage, religious value judgment- everything of Bangladesh. Zia, Khaleda, Tareque, BNP, Yubadal, Chatradal and their other associate organizations have turned into an address of rehabilitation centers of anti-liberation Razakars, Al-Badars, Al-Shams. In the name and nomenclature of Jamaat-BNP although some dissimilarities are noticed, they are basically rooted at a single base. BNP is the womb-born child of anti-liberation Jammat- Muslim League. BNP and Jamaat are the children of the same mother. Tareque Zia once admitted this contention publicly. Zia-Khaleda offspring Tareque is corrupt. During the rule of his mother Khaleda Zia in 2001-06, he was controlling the state power through the defamed Hawa Bhaban. Under the leadership of Tareque Rahman through Hawa Bhaban was run thousands of loathsome deeds including employment business, transfer business, tender business of development works, terrorists control, organizing of killing operations, nursing of religious fundamentalists- militants, etc. At that time, the Prime Minister’s office of Khaleda and Hawa Bhaban of Tareque ran a dual state administration. Hawa Bhaban was the key abode of corruption, terrorism, looting, fundamentalism and militancy. The key leader of Hawa Bhaban was Tareque Zia. All hair raising events during this period were controlled upon the order and direction of the prince of Hawa Bhaban Tareque and his mother Khaleda Zia. There are allegations that the grenade attack on the public meeting organized by Bangladesh Awami League at Bangabandhu Avenue on 21 August, 2004 was brought about upon the order of Khaleda Zia and her son Tareque Rahman. This heinous attack was basically directed to kill Sheikh Hasina, the then Opposition Leader in the Parliament. This occurrence claimed the lives of 24 persons including Ivy Rahman, the wife of ex-President of Bangladesh, Zillur Rahman and about 300 people have accepted the crippled life due to the permanent injury by splinters of grenades. On 25 February, 2005 the ex-Finance Minister A.S.M Kibria was killed by bomb attack at a meeting in Habiganj. On 15 April 2005 Ahsan Ullah Master MP of Gazipur was shot dead in broad day light at a meeting in Tongi. These way innumerable leaders-workers of Awami League were murdered throughout the country during the rule of Khaleda Zia.
One more allegation is there that bomb explosions were organized throughout the country in 63 districts on 17 August, 2005 at a time at 500 spots on the order of Khaleda Zia and Tareque Rahman. The key actors of the creation of thousands of militants like Shaykh Abdur Rahman and Siddiqur Islam Bangla Bhai are none but these mother and son.
Allegations of killing of thousands of activists/workers of Awami League and its wing organizations through the creation of militancy by Khaleda-Tareque in this period are also there.
From the formation of BNP by killer Zia up to the Khaleda-Tareque’s rule, about 30 thousand opposition leaders-workers were killed. Lacs of people were kept in jails without trial with many of them awarding death sentence through unfair trial. During Zia’s rule thousands of army jawans and officers were killed on false plea. The mother earth of Bangladesh green with crops and vegetation has been harmed most by Zia and his family. This family constitutes the most hated episode of historical perspective. Zia’s son, black sheep of the nation Tareque Rahman is not a politician in the minutest consideration.
There are large number of cases against Khaleda Zia and her sons Tareque Rahman and Arafat Rahman Koko (now late) on the charge of grenade attack on 21 August, Zia Charitable Trust Case and Zia Orphanage Case, money laundering, illegal grafting of money through bribe-corruption, murder cases and state treason case. Tareque is absconding for long seven years. Koko was also absconding for the same period until his sudden death recently (24/01/2015) in Malaysia. Earlier Koko was sentenced to six years imprisonment with a fine of taka twentyone crores in a money laundering case.
From 2013 black sheep Tareque Rahman has been making plots and intrigues one after another against Bangladesh from far off London and giving leadership to the fundamentalists and militants in this country. Occasionally, they try to overthrow the government here through creating instability in Bangladesh in a style of assassinated Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden airing video message. During 5 January, 2014 Jatiya Sansad (Parliamentary) Election he called for frustrating and opposing the election by the activists, supporter terrorists through a video message. Consequently BNP-Jamaat terrorists burnt into ashes about four hundred polling centers. Preceding and following the Polling Day about three hundred common citizens including 17 police members and presiding officers were murdered. During this time, about two hundred people including children and women were burnt with fire by the violence of the terrorists. Out of them more than one hundred persons met pathetic death. They dismantled fish-plates of rail lines by sabotage causing rail accidents in many spots. It caused derailment of many rail engines and wagons wherein a good number of innocent common people pitifully lost their lives. During this period our national economy suffered a loss of about 2 lac thousand taka in money terms.
In the same style, from the first part of January, 2015, the godmother of terrorism and violence Khaleda Zia and her black sheep son Tareque have become frenzied in their mean practice in the name of blockade throughout the country.
The absconding terrorist accused/defendant in the early hours at 1.30AM on 5 January, 2015 from a so-called gathering in London called for a so-called people’s war for overthrowing the government by disconnecting capital city Dhaka from the rural Bangla. In the same video message Tareque made a provocative speech to incite the army and the law enforcing agencies. Here did not end the audacity of black sheep Tareque Rahman. He advanced further to make false, concocted and indecent remarks on the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. This malevolent being even branded Bangabandhu as anti liberation Razakar and Pakibandhu. On January 5 in the afternoon self-imposed captive lady Khaleda Zia also called for a blockade throughout the country for an indefinite period.
In harmony with the voice of her son, Begum Khaleda Zia also announced directions for the achievement of undemocratic targets.
During the blockade called by Tareque and Khaleda, about 35 citizens throughout the country have lost their lives by now. More lives of the innocent people are likely to be claimed by the so-called blockade in the coming days. Latest gruesome occurrence of petrol bomb attack took place at Jatrabari of capital city on 23/01/2015 wherein 29 persons received burn injuries, 9 sereously. Same kind of attack left a dozen people injured including 2 persons dead in Bogra and Sylhet on the day. Rails are being derailed, public and private vehicles burnt one after another. Day by day the number of unnatural deaths and volume of loss of properties are being increased. Basically the armed cadre members of BNP-Jamaat are carrying on these terrorist-violent activities. The lacs of devotees from home and abroad of the Bishwa Ijtema held in Tongi from 9-11 January and 16-18 January also fell victim to the blockade program of Tareque and Khaleda Zia. Even they observed blockade program in Eid-E-Miladunnabi Day. They are engaged in a fight against 200 crore Muslims of the world, the holy Quran and the Sunnah, ideals of the great prophet and the laws of the great creator Allah.
The matter can be substantiated from a fact that the seniors of Muslim Ummah congregation of Biswa Ijtema went to Gulshan Office of Khaleda Zia and fervently requested her to withdraw the blockade program during Biswa Ijtema at Tongi. But anti religious Khaleda Zia rejected their appeal and sent them off with dishonor.
Irrespective of religion, caste, creed or color the demand of the majority of the people at this moment is that Khaleda Zia, Tareque Rahman should be immediately arrested and put on trial. Both should be arrested and kept in custody and brought before the special tribunal to be constituted for their trial on charge of anti-Allah activities, committing injury to the Islamic faith, perpetrating loss to the life and property of the common man, inciting the army, law enforcing agencies and government officials-employees for dislodging the government through illegal means, creating violence against the peaceful citizens, generating fear in the people’s mind, obstructing safe movement of the citizens and their vehicles, murdering pedestrian citizens including women and children, creating abnormal situation by damage, destruction and burning of transports, restraining the working people in going to their place of work, opposing the process of educational functionaries by hindering the students in their going to the school, college, universities and other educational institutions and above all, for making false and lied, concocted stories, airing disrepute against the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.
Tereque Rahman, leading a fugitive life in Great Britain, should be taken back through the diplomatic exchanges with the U.K government making him face legal proceedings. Similarly it is the only demand of the time that BNP-Jamaat should be banned as political parties and their activities thereof be henceforth forbidden to protect the national sovereignty and save the economy of the country.
It is to be mentioned that in the meantime Begum Khaleda Zia has earned the title of Queen of terrorism and militancy. So the demand seems reasonable in view of the terrorist and militant activities throughout the last about three and a half decades of BNP- Jamaat in the country.