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Poems by Khondker Anisul Haq

Poems by Khondker Anisul Haq

Ramna Green

Green, Green, everywhere,

What a touching scene!

I chanced to see you,

At break of day;

When I was in.

I was single, I was alone,

I had no comrade;

I enjoyed your

Stirring beauty.

Under the greenery shade,

The romantic view,

And your beauty

Fully refreshed me;

Oh, my dear Ramna Green,

You will ever shine.

Yours lake not at all fake

That runs across you;

Also gives a soothing kiss,

And an enchanting bliss.


The independence day

O My dear twenty sixth March

Our great Independence day

I adore you thee.

For beneath your feet

Rest our hearts and souls

And emerged beloved Bangladesh.

Frequently I tend bow to you

My dearest homeland

Fountain of pleasure and bliss.

The proud nation thence as we

I salute you from my core.

O My dear independence day

Long live with us

Amidst shinning, thrilling

Glorious just.

Glory to you Bangladesh.