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Poem by Khaled Mahmood

Poem by Khaled Mahmood

Freedom of the Womb

After crores of years

In a world of seven hundred crores of population

Mass people now search

Democracy, human rights, economic emancipation

In the free womb of the woman body.

The womb of the entire world today is

Bruised and injured all over

Like the womb of motherhood.

It is in the grasp of ferocious venoms of

Plunderers who rape them invariably.

Democracy, human rights, hunger-stricken Humanitys desolation is

A paralyzed polar star in the dark sky.

A venomous rise of extended hood of serpent in World politics, economies.

Where rivalry- strife unbarred;

Where in this war, riot, famine-stricken world

An auspicious future searching is

Rather a fathomless despair.

The venomous new-born offspring is

Horrendous epidemics in the entire world.

At this moment in the hope of establishing

A globe of peace it is necessary that there should be Freedom of undisturbed birth of new good babies

In the womb of the woman throughout the earth.


Taken from Narottampur

A Book of Verse of the Poet.