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Own Home of the Expectant / New Mothers

Own Home of the Expectant / New Mothers

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Only two years back the health centre lay idle without care negligently. Nominal health service was provided from the centre like other patients. The new/expectant mothers also rushed to the towns for health service. But the services of this health centre have changed now. In child delivery service this health centre has set a unique example.

The service institution under discussion is the Union Health Centre and Family Planning Centre under Begumganj Upazila of Noakhali District. This is now not only a health centre but a safe own home to the expectant mothers for delivery of their children. Within few days its renown has spread far and wide in home and abroad. The would-be-mothers come here 24 hours to deliver their new babies safely. They return home with a laughing face after the delivery of the children free of monetary cost.

So now not the would-be mothers of Durgapur Union only, the expectant mothers of the adjacent unions and upazilas also come here to receive services. This Health Centre has set the highest record of 114 child birth in a month.

How and by the initiative of whom suddenly changed the picture of the health centre? That man is Mr. M.A. Jalil, Chairman of the same Durgapur Union Parishad.

History of Change: Chairman Mr. M.A Jalil says, he earlier also was elected chairman of this Durgapur Union Parishad. At that time on initiative of the government this Health and Family Planning Centre was constructed. But then he did not think that much about the service activities. By this time his tenure of office ended. For the next few terms he did not contest the election. He became Chairman again at the latest UP election. As a chairman he got the opportunity of participating in a workshop in early 2014 under a project of Save the Children Fund. He was especially attracted to talks and discussions on the mother and child health especially safe maternity. He then took the decision to build up the neglected left out health centre in his union as a service-friendly institution. In a meeting of UP members centering round the workshop, he expressed his eagerness to them when they also got encouraged on the matter. Side by side Health and Family Planning Department he also got communication with such associate NGO for health service and sought their help.

From this NGO three paramedics (nurse), two helps (health) and a security guard were provided. Moreover Health and Family Planning Department, side by side one Family Welfare Visitor and one Sub Assistant Community Medical Officer (SACMO) appointed one Medical Officer. He serves two days a week and provides treatment to the patients. The program started only with two beds (seats). Now the beds count nine.

Once at the Health Centre : On 14 January last at 11 A.M. while entering the Health Centre a clean and attractive look of the adjacent environment was sighted. After entering inside 13-14 women were found sitting in a wide front room. Some of them had their male companions also. At the lap of almost everyone there was a baby of different ages. Some had new-born babies. By this time the sound of cry of a new born child came out of a room inside. After few minutes, the duty nurse Rokshana started coming forward laughing with a new born child covered with new towel at her lap and then said this new born has just experienced the light of the earth.

Remarks of Service Takers:

Fatema Akter of Sharifpur Union, Begumganj said, her younger sister Ayesha was pregnant. Her husbands lodge is at Chaumohani town of Begamganj. On 10 December last when she was taken to a private hospital, a lady doctor said The baby in the womb has been risen up; quick operation has to be conducted.

They returned home with serious concern. The day next, learning about this health centre from the public they came here. Her sister gave birth to a female child here without any operation.

Not Fatema only, Sonia Akter of Lautali, Rasulpur Union, Shahin Sultana and Jharna Akter of Chaumohani Pourashava, Shirin Akter of Hajipur and Jahanara Begum of Kadirpur all of Begumganj Upazila and Nurul Haque from adjacent Upazilas Bijbag village informed that regular delivery is conducted at this Health Centre without any operation. Zahirul Islam, a resident of Chaumohani Municipality said that the services that can be received without costs here cannot be availed at private hospitals even with money. So he also had the delivery of his wife done here. He failed to make any duty person agreed to accept any tip. Even after the delivery of the child they receive regular health service and advice from here.

Family Welfare Visitor Jharna Begum informed that they have the information about the entire pregnant mothers of the whole union. Workers at the field collect the names, address and cell phone numbers moving through house to house. Later two separate ward and village based maps are prepared on pregnant and delivery-worthy mothers in a monthly meeting. All these works are supervised at a time by the UP Chairman.

24 Hours Untiring Service:

Sign-boards have been set in front of the Health Centre and at the adjacent bazaars wherein is written 24 Hours Normal Delivery is done here. As per wordings of the Sign-board no inconsistency takes place. There is no difference between day-night where the new/expectant mother comes, the immediate service is provided to her. Paramedic Rebena Akter and Shipu Mazumder informed that sometimes child delivery is to be done after awaking up from the sleep at the dead of night. By this time in the last December month here were born 114 babies.

It is informed from this Health Centre that learning about the success of this centre in maternity health service the local Chairman and Family Planning Department have taken initiative to introduce the same service in some adjacent Union Health and Family Welfare Centers. Moreover, knowing about this program one representative each from Turkey and Egypt has by now visited this Centre.

Chairman M.A. Jalil has said, as a public representative he performed many service providing works. But the provision he has been able to make for safe maternity here in this Health Centre is the best service of his life, he understands. He presents every new baby a gift of a set of new baby suit with a towel immediately after birth.

Jalil Shaheb informed that help upto the highest ability is extended to the service centre from Union Parishad. He has also received good assistance in medicine-diets and other matters from the Health Department. But his desire is to manage an ambulance.

Mostafa Kamal, Deputy Director, District Office, Family Planning Directorate said that the Durgapur Union Health and Family Welfare Centre has earned the identity of a Model Centre for the whole of the country. Several high officials have already observed this success. What a Union Parishad Chairman can/can’t do if he wishes, Mr. M. A Jalil is a brilliant example. E