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Role of English Medium Schools in Creating Skilled Manpower

Role of English Medium Schools in Creating Skilled Manpower

Khandaker Zia Hasan – 

Last year more than 29 lakh students took part in Primary Education Completion Examination throughout the country. Out of them less than 5 thousand learners appeared at the English Version Examination. Against 29 lakhs only 5 thousands! Welcome to the parents of these 5 thousand children for taking a far-reaching decision in respect of their offspring. Out of 5 thousand 16 students sat for the examination from our school, 6 learners got A+ and the rest A grade. It means that these 6 students side by side the rest subjects scored more than 80 marks also. The rest 10 students scored more than 80 marks in 5 subjects. And they got more than 70 marks in Bangla (Bengali). From play group these kids had their 90% education in English because except Bangla they had to read all subjects in English Medium. So we were in a sort of concern about Bangla. But surprising us they scored 70% in Bangla and over 80% marks also. This is our 2nd Batch. In working with education in the villages during the last eight years I can firmly say one thing that given proper environment for education the rural kids would present the same performance as those of urban ones. In 2011 I transferred my younger son (Rafin Zia) from a renowned school in Dhaka to our Nursery School at the village. In the process of educating my son not only through an eye of a Principal but also through that of a guardian I wanted to observe whether the standard of the school was alright or not. Now he reads in class V and he would appear at the Primary Education Completion Examination this year from this school. For a lower middle income country like Bangladesh there is only one target, creating a skilled manpower. The first condition of producing an efficient manpower is an up-to-date education. And here lies the importance of English Medium. These 5 thousand students would lighten up Bangladesh more after 15 years, would drive the country to a stronger position by their merit and wisdom, it can creatively be remarked. To make a society and a state based on knowledge, there is no scope and reason for bypassing the most powerful language of the world. If you want to make your child a doctor, an engineer, IT Expert, etc. he/she has to be educated in English language for higher studies. There is no friction with the mother tongue, our hearts language Bangla (Bengali). Surely everybody remembers about the incident of only 17 candidates who passed in English subject out of 40,000 desirous students in the admission test in Dhaka University in 2014. It is a terrific picture. If we want to create world standard citizens we must study in the global standard. Let us look at the neighboring country. Due to patronization of English as medium of instruction side by side Hindi from 3-4 decades back India today is advancing in the world raising the head high. There is no problem to learn from good example. Preceptor Poet Rabindra Nath Tagore received the Nobel Prize after Geetanjali was translated into English but not before that. As there was sub-title in English language in the Cine-picture Pather Panchali of Satyajit Roy, the Oscar Committee could follow the value and dignity of the Cinema. Our Nobel Winner Dr. Yunus has circulated his concept of Social Business throughout the world in English.

Here is a request to the government, please establish at least one English Version School in every of 4498 Unions in the country. Side by side, request is made to you, the teachers working at union and thana levels throughout the country for opening at least one English Version School at your locality if you want to bring the children of your area on the stage of the world. If a child from a village becomes successful and gets established, he would one day turn the village for development. Is it something impossible to do? The fact that it is not impossible has been understood by us after we have started working with English Version School at the village. Let us build united an honest and efficient manpower in our dear country. E

* Founder Principal, Zia Hasan International School, Karatia, Tangail.

**Translated into English by The Economy Analyst.